Friday, March 26, 2010

Mexican Shower: the people

These are my aunts:

Ever since I was a baby every summer was spent in Hermosillo. Between the three of them and my grandparents, I was unequivocally spoiled. Especially since I was the only grandchild for four whole years. Then Claudia came along and stole my thunder...just kidding! 

I remember how excited I was to show off my baby sister and proudly tell all who would listen how great a big sister I was. Somehow they looked past my bratty tendencies and loved me. A huge part of why the wedding is taking place in Guaymas is because of them. I could not picture me marrying Fran without these women who have been such a huge part of my life there to witness it. 

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Leila! said...

This is so sweet. I know what you mean with how important aunts can be.

You are lucky to have them. :)