Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mexican Shower: the setting

On St. Patrick's Day my mother's sisters threw me a bridal shower. It was absolutely beautiful! It was in a little cafe/bar called, Red Cup. Incidentally, the owner of the restaurant was the sweetest lady- constantly running around making sure everyone's glasses were filled and that the women were being fed. 

Upon arriving into the restaurant, the first thing one saw was this little table. There are three types of Mexican bridal showers: the traditional one where people come with gifts off the couple's registry. The biblical one where women bring an object that represents something in the couple's marriage (ie: salt, so that their life always has flavor- and hopefully, some salt and pepper shakers). And finally, the money shower. Due to me being over 500 miles away, my aunts decided upon the money shower. This is why you see the tray with the money envelopes and trunk to put them into. 

Also, another thing I learned about Mexican showers: they do not have a set time frame. Typically most bridal showers here last about 2-2 1/2 hours. Whereas in was 6 hours of mingling. I arrived at 4 and left at 10, escorting the last of the sweet old ladies out. It was fortunate the the photographer arrived as early as she did because my 10 o'clock picture would sure look different: 

Here I am proudly posing with the trunk and envelopes. If any of you remember, that is the infamous JCrew dress I bought a few weeks back! I absolutely loved it. My only complaint? Linen is a pain to keep wrinkle free. Aside from a few supportive setbacks (if you know what I mean) and a wrinkled dress, I had a wonderful time catching up with aunts, cousins and getting the opportunity to meet many of my family's closest friends (including my grandma's BFF back when she was 16). 


Oscar el Mexicano said...

Wow you look beautiful. Only correction, well not correction, but a more accurate data is that Hermosillo is geographically located 1500 miles away from Houston! of course, that is what the odometer indicates in our auto-marathons to your Mom's hometown.

Congratulations, looks like it was a wonderful event!



camille said...

que padre!
next time you go...will be the real thing!!!

Leila! said...

You look stunning!!!