Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mexican Shower: Tia Gaby

This is my Tia Gaby. She is my mom's second youngest sister. 

It's funny the things that stick to you from childhood because one of the strongest scents that take me back when thinking of her is the smell of the car she used to drive in college. I don't think the car had leather seats but I do remember the inside being a caramel color that was pleasantly musty with a tinge of leather. 

She was the one who take me to see my very first play, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. She was also the one who would get upset whenever I would rifle through her jewelry box to borrow her jewelry. Except that instead of putting her rings back, I would stupidly hide them thinking she wouldn't realize I had placed them somewhere else. And because I was six, I referred to her as Tia Bruja (Witch Aunt) whenever she would get mad. I soon broke this awful habit but to this day she doesn't let me forget it.

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Leila! said...

Again -- you look beautiful in this shot!

I can't believe you called your aunt "witch aunt."