Monday, March 29, 2010

Mexican Shower: Tia Miriam

This is my Tia Miriam. She is married to my mom's second oldest brother- I was one of two flower girls at their wedding!

Growing up, I don't remember being that close to my aunt. She had all boys (both younger than me) and because her mom lived in Tucson, most summers she was gone whenever we would visit. But, at some point in time our relationship changed. Without her help the planning of the wedding would be an absolute nightmare. She has been there every step of the way- from the moment Fran came into the picture to when he asked for my hand in marriage. Other than my mom (or myself), I don't think anyone has been as excited about helping me plan the wedding. When the hurricane damaged the first venue we had booked, she was the one who did the legwork to find us the new place.

And, as the planning is slowly drawing to a close I am so grateful for the chance to have bonded with her. 


camille said...

thanks for sharing your stories with us. it's going to be so great to meet all of these lovely ladies in person (so soon!)

it's nice to have a little background info to fuel the excitement.

just added 'delicatessen' to my queue. thanks for the tip!!

Leila! said...

Aw! My sister, Maria, had someone like that at her wedding during all the planning. These kinds of aunts are priceless and do so much!

Your relationship with these aunts is so sweet!