Friday, April 2, 2010

Mexican Shower: Claudia

From the day she was born she has driven me crazy. Sometimes in a good way. Sometimes...not so good. But the memories I have of her are absolutely imprinted in my heart. From our Barbie doll fights to her absurdly large case of coloring books, I grew up with the best friend a girl could have. I never lacked company (even when I craved it) because she was always around. I vividly remember when we were both in elementary school the times she would see me in the hallways or the playground, she would stop whatever she was doing (including walking quietly in line) to run, arms wide open, yelling my name to hug me. At the time I would die of mortification- I mean, when you're in fourth grade and your first grade sister hug-attacks you, things could not look bleaker. Now, I laugh because she still does it as grown ups. Luckily, there are no teachers to reprimand her anymore. 

I look into the future and I know that Claudia will be that aunt. The aunt all the nephews and nieces adore because she has the kooky wardrobe, huge stockpile of video games and never ending jars of candy. She will also be the aunt that my kids adore because she is fun and absolutely giving. With her there is no halfway. It's all or nothing. And that is why I adore her. Because I know that no matter what happens, she is there unconditionally (cue Bridezilla Dahnya). 

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Oscar el Mexicano said...

What a wonderful posting, almost made me cry Pandi, I love you and Claudia, and I am absolutely happy you both love each other.