Thursday, April 15, 2010

Play the jukebox, baby.

Spring fever has hit our school with a vengeance. It seems my office is constantly housing three or four delinquents at a time- it would probably be more if I had more corners to put them in. Their constant presence has relegated me to a glorified baby-sitter. Because of them I am shackled to my office at all time unless I want a trail of ducks behind me anytime I walk into a classroom. Two positives have come from their presence though. One- I am at my e-mail's beck and call. Two- all data entry for the year is now complete. 

In reference to positive number one, this afternoon I saw the Houston Tidbits of the day pop up. As always, I eagerly skimmed the email for the latest & greatest in Houston. They were offering free passes to The Runaways (starring Bella & the I am Sam girl) for the first 10 emails they received. Out of curiosity I sent an email "hoping to be the big winner" and didn't think twice about it. 

Until tonight when I came in to check my email & found that I WON! 

I know, I know, the movie doesn't seem all that great. 
Two rather annoying Hollywood "starlets" are featured & no, I am not a big Joan Jett fan- in fact, I didn't even know she was in a band before she started loving rock-n-roll. 

However, ever since I came to the sad realization that my bank account cannot accomadate Lady Gaga's exorbitant fees, my phone has been prepped to make The Winning Call anytime I am in the car. I have not won. Yet. My "big" win today may not be such a big deal but...could it be a sign of things to come? I sure hope so. 


Francis said...

How is it you have this crazy luck? Hopefully it will start to rub off over time.

Leila! said...

No way Dahnya!
What a fun treat! Winning anything is always a joy.

And I love that you said "unless I want a trail of ducks behind me anytime I walk into a classroom."
Hahaha -- I really pictured that!!