Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Book Fiend.

Pink has been calling to me the past few weeks via the cover of beautiful books.

Veiled Remarks: A Curious Compendium for the Nuptially Inclined. I love the cover! Not to mention, my curiosity is sparked by tidbits mentioned on Amazon.

Tea with Ruby written by Fergie, Duchess of York: I bought this at our school book fair recently. I could not resist the illustrations. So feminine and charming! The story is rather sweet as well. Feel free to request the loan, I'll be happy to share such a cute story.

Taschen's New York. Yes, it is a bit of a pink overload but a book covering one of my favorite cities with Ms. Hepburn herself on the front, how could I not be tempted?

1 comment:

Leila! said...

I think Pink gets a bad name for itself sometimes when it's labeled "too girly" or "too frily."
It's actually a wonderful color and I enjoy it too!

Good book cover choices! I Especially love "Tea with Ruby!"