Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Haute Houston

When unexpected moments happen, things become that much sweeter & last Thursday was one of those times...

Heidi and I went on a bauble expedition to the Galleria. As we wistfully window shopped our way through the mall, we noticed the ice rink had been transformed into a hubbub of activity. Beautiful flower arrangements cheerfully hung above women huddled in their best fashion forward outfits gossiping and sipping champagne. Behind them lay a long, white runway. 

We eyed the check in table and looked each over other, two hot girls with decidedly non-fashion show worthy outfits. We entertained the temptation of heading out & scouting heels to add some va-va-voom to our jeans & blazers but, then we realized we could just as easily watch the buzz of activity from outside the rink and keep our bank accounts somewhat balanced. 

So, we did what two perfectly healthy women would do: we headed to Marble Slab, ordered a delicious blend of dairy and chocolate. With our snack in hand, we rooted ourselves as close as possible (without actually joining Houston's "elite" on the floor) and proceeded to countdown the minutes for the show to begin. I admit, after the initial 15 minutes went by (and my ice cream supply steadily dwindling) I was ready to throw in the towel and continue our window shopping. However, we soon realized our spot behind the black line was highly coveted by those crowding in around us and with only minutes left before the show began, we concluded sticking it out a bit longer wasn't going to kill us. 

Little did we know we would become head rests and be subjected to noxious bodily odors but, that's neither here nor there because the moment the lights dimmed we were mesmerized. 

As the music pounded, we swayed to the beat and eagerly watched as the models hit the runway in bright, beautiful clothes. To our delight we began distinguishing each model's walk and style- it made each spotting each model a triumph. Whether it was the sassy gal with the adoring parents or the girl who painfully attempted to strut, the people were just as thrilling as the merchandise. Upon the gradual return of the lights and the fading of the music, it took a few seconds before we landed back into reality & realized we had just experienced a real live fashion show. Our night could not have been any better. Hopefully next year we'll be down in the rink opening our goody bags, gracefully drinking champagne in our best outfits!


Leila! said...

I read about this fashion show! I almost attended, but got lazy and didn't want to leave my house.

You're a great story teller! I particularly liked "Little did we know we would become head rests and be subjected to noxious bodily odors..."
Hahahaha... Oh Dahnya!

Heidi said...

Dahnya, what a great way to tell the story of the most amazing night! I thought words couldn't describe how much fun we had, but you did a perfect job!

I kept waiting to see if you were going to say anything about the camera headrests and disgusting stink! :)

Oscar el Mexicano said...

Very interesting, it must be a nice experience to be in one of those fashion shows! Sounds great the ice cream from Marble something.