Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Package Project

It is common knowledge that I am blog-obsessed (and if it wasn't, now you know). True, most of my daily reads are wedding-inclined but I am branching out. 

I stumbled across the Package Project the other day and I am eager to share the idea behind it with you all: the people coordinating the "event" are basically looking to create pen pals amongst bloggers from around the world. However, it's not a letter that you will be exchanging. It's an actual homemade product. 

This afternoon I received an email letting me know that there was a spot available for me & I could not be more excited! Although, my excitement is a bit dampened when I begin to contemplate the pressure to create a beautiful piece made by me...

Of all people I know, I am probably the least craft-capable person. I am starting to research a few ideas and believe I may have found a somewhat goof-free & most importantly, worthy, homemade product that I would be proud to exchange with another person. And since my sewing is not progressing as quickly as I would have hoped, you can rest assured it will not be a homemade pillow or stitch piece. 

I hope some of you are inclined to join, it shall be fun to send off your package & await what comes your way!


camille said...

this sounds really neat!
keep us updated on what you create. i am sure that you will come up with something wonderful!!

Leila! said...

I can't wait to see what you end up creating!

I have ZERO creativity, so I really don't think I could do this!