Sunday, May 2, 2010

Discovery Green

Leila's right. There are so many places in the City of Houston that are ripe for exploration and yet, we let them go unused (by "we" I'm referring to myself and Fran). It seems that the weekends are devoted to catch up on errands, sleep, dinner with friends but, we don't take the time to seek out what a tourist could find attractive in our city. I had the opportunity to attend the free presentation of the Taming of the Shrew last week. Not only did the University of Houston actors put on a great show, the park, and the people around me had me absolutely enchanted. 

As I walked around the park, I tried to see the city the way I explore the cities I've traveled to in the past. It made everything appear that much more beautiful.

The most astounding part of all? These parks are free. (Don't think about your city taxes, cynic.)

I was torn between joining these kids by running amidst the water spouts and navigating my own sailboat. In the end, I enjoyed it through others. Next time I'll come prepared.

The Synchronicity of Color-Red wall by Margo Sawyer will forever be associated with Roy & Heidi in my mind. The colors and the vivacity of the building are an instant perk up, just like they are. My favorite part about this picture? The little girl peering in through the window.

Hands down, the coolest outdoor lounge I've ever seen. The orange chair reminded me of Blue's Clues, though...

Houston City skyline, heavenly edition.

During the entire two hour play, this poor man's role was to stand as art decor. That's dedication to your cause.

My company for the afternoon. And, yes, the little boy squatting stayed in that position for at least 45 minutes. he was a performance all on his own in my eyes.

Until soon, Discovery Green!

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Leila! said...

I swear Dahnya -- I would have thought you were in a different city! I love this.
The perfect perspective is when I can get myself to walk around as if Houston is a new place to me. It really helps me to enjoy it.
I love these phots and this beautiful day. Nice entry!