Monday, May 3, 2010

Patience is a virtue

Since moving into our subdivision seven years ago, my parents dream has been to win the coveted sign for "Yard of the Month". 

Every month during the spring and summer, my parents invest time (and money) into making our yard be as green and beautiful as possible. The two seasons are spent with them commenting on who has the sturdy little sign proudly displayed on their lawn and what they can do to make their yard outshine the current winner's. 

Sadly, for seven years our grass has refused to cooperate. Even with the automatic sprinklers, even with my mom's nightly walks with her watering can and even with my dad's daily talks to his plants, they had never achieved "Yard of the Month". 

Until now. 

This morning, Oscar and I woke up to clanging and hollering. We looked out the window and spotted two strangers whacking a sign in our front yard. At first we didn't know what to think- are we selling the house?! Are we being foreclosed upon?! Then with the cloud of sleep dissolving with the rhythmic noise we were able to read that for the month of May, 13615 is the proud owner of the yard of the month. I don't think any gift will top this come Mother's Day. 

In the meantime, my siblings and I are keeping this a secret so that when my parents return from their trip to Mexico City they can pull up to such a sweet surprise. 


Leila! said...

Omg, Dahnya -- is there any way you can you can get their reaction on video?? Please record it! I would love to see their excitment.
This is too cute!!!

Oscar el Mexicano said...

I love secrets that can be uncovered by internet! Great story, lots of patience and money made it possible. At one point in time we wanted to steal the sign hahaha