Friday, June 18, 2010

Memorable Moment

What has taken over five years of love, patience, respect, admiration, support and laughter can now be authorized by Harris County. All it took was 15 minutes of our time, $71, swearing our non-blood ties and signing the oath. Who knew jumping into legal marriage could be so easy? 

Upon walking out of the county clerk's office, the magnitude of the event hit me and tears of joy began to flow. In exactly one week, I will become Mrs. Francis Giampietro! I hope by channeling the emotion of the day, writing my vows will come a bit more gracefully...


Oscar el Mexicano said...

God bless you both, and your families of course I wish you a long-life together sharing success, happiness, understanding, and guided by God.

Blessings, love.

Leila! said...