Thursday, June 17, 2010

a la Ebert, summer edition

I have not watched many movies that are worthy of viewing more than once but in order to save you time (and money) here's my latest batch of must see and don't bother:

Law Abiding Citizen the ever delectable Gerard Butler was in this along with Jamie Foxx. It was not a fun movie (Gerard's family is raped & murdered in front of him thereby turning him into an evil avenger) but the twists and turns definitely kept me watching. Not to mention, you see Gerard's bare cheeks and his 12 pack- that's right. A twelve pack abdomen. This had Fran, Claudia and I look at each other in awestruck shock. If that's not worth watching, I don't know what else to tell you. 

Shutter Island with Leo DiCaprio as a detective in the 1950s on a looney island. The cinematography could have been great if it hadn't seemed like everyone was imposed onto a blue screen time and again. The costumes were fun (I love that era)- in fact, Michelle Williams makeup and hair looked beautiful, even as a ghost. And, in theory the story was intriguing: two detectives come to investigate the disappearance of a patient only to find all is not what it seems. Unfortunately, the final product was long and I figured out the twist half way through which only made everything seem overplayed. The screenplay was based off a book & I'm tempted to pick it up in hopes that it is better than the movie.  

New York, I Love You is the continuation to Paris, Je T'aime (which oui, je t'aime beaucoup). I was looking forward to watching the 12 short story compilation since it had Natalie Portman (who with each movie I am further convinced she is an overrated actress), Bradley Cooper, Orlando Bloom and Christina Ricci along with many others. It was a complete disappointment. Of the 12 stories only two were worth watching and they lasted no more than 10 minutes each. One of the shorts had Bloom & Ricci as a pair destined to fall in love via telephone calls and books (I know! Super sweet). The second to last story had an old couple walking to the pier for a date with lots of bickering along the way only to show their abiding love upon reaching their destination. I cried with joy. That story alone is worth renting. 

Sex and the City 2 it is with a sad heart that I report to not being fully satisfied with the movie. The fashion was exciting (j'adore dior made an appearance!). The music was fun (hello Miz Minelli!) and I could not stop beaming throughout Stanny & Anthony's wedding ("Ed Have-no-Hai-ris!"). It was great to see all the girls again but I could have done without the karoke scene and if they had cut out the losing of the passport the movie would have been infinitely more enjoyable. I hate to say it but, it went on a tad too long. I feel like such a traitor. 

Leap Year with Amy Adams takes place in Ireland, which was the only way I was able to convince Fran to watch this chick flick with me (after all we will be traipsing those green hills in less than two weeks). It is definitely extremely cliche and somewhat forgettable but it was still sweet. 

Bones is a show, not a movie but my brother and sister are obsessed. For the past few weeks it's been nightlong marathons of Bones seasons 1-4 and I cannot get enough! It has the perfect blend of drama, suspense, and humor to keep the three of us coming back. The effects on the show are particularly gruesome (definitely not for the weak of heart) but the banter between the characters is absolutely hilarious. I particularly enjoy trying to solve the mystery as we watch. The writers do a good job of keeping you guessing (for the most part). If that's not enough: tune in for the romantic tension happening between Booth & Dr. Brennan. It's been four seasons of crackling energy and lust filled glances. Another plus? Seeing my junior high crush Angel (aka David Boreanaz) as a real human versus a morose vampire. 

Now back to the countdown: eight days! Oh my gosh, I seriously cannot wait! 


Leila! said...

I can't watch movies that don't leave me with "life is peachy" feeling at the end of them. That means I'll most likely watch Leap Year on this list. And New York, I Love You.

Btw - I watched "500 Days of Summer" (your recommendation after I saw Wild at Heart and HATED life) -- and I loved it! Great recommendation.

Becca said...

1) Law Abiding Citizen, not what I expected but I was entertained enough. And yes, Gerard is gorgeous though I prefer him with full accent on + clothes off.
2) Shutter Island didn't interest me, and now I for sure won't look into it. Thanks!
3) New York, I Love You -- read #2 above.
4) SaTC2 -- say it ain't so, sister! Alas, I don't particularly care about the plot, it's more just getting to see the girls in action. I heart them.
5) Leap Year - the only reason I had wanted to see it was because it was set in Ireland! Sadly, I will not be traipsing that countryside anytime soon...but it's #1 on my list! Take good notes and great pictures so I can live vicariously through your adventuring!
6) Bones is an EXCELLENT show. Angel is GORGEOUS (though a cheater) and Dr. Brennan's lack of pop culture knowledge and simple phrases and slang make me giggle each time she goes, "I don't know what that means." Plus, it's set in one of my favorite cities to visit!

I regret to say that I cannot drive to the Village anytime in the coming week for a book date. :-( I will have to survive with seeing you at the wedding and then planning a proper book date upon your return.

Also, though this is already very long, talk to me about y'all's house in the Heights. When I move, I'm looking in the Heights area for houses and duplex's. Thanks and ciao, bella!

Oscar el Mexicano said...

I don't know how can you make those nighlong marathons, that is for owls | vampires, and for young & good looking people.

Hugs, love