Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flower fever!

 I find myself gravitating towards flowers lately (I'm an old lady at heart). On second thought, I always have but more so than usual. Instead of doing last minute wedding errands or packing or cleaning or creating pom poms I am wasting time on the internet with Bones on the background. Hello lazy day! Sorry, Fran.

How dainty would otherwise plain feet look in these happy sandals?!

My accesories drawer is chock filled with flower pins of all colors but this rose bud seems a bit different than my Carrie-esque ones. 

Ruffles AND flowers? Yes, please. 

What hurts most is I really cannot afford to buy a new dress. But this one just seems perfect for the rehearsal dinner! 

Okay, so they're not flowers but they are dainty and they do live amongst them. They would make such a cute accompaniment to any outfit. 

Irish Weather Clutch Bag With Silk Lining
Um, again, not flower related but the name of the clutch is: "Irish Weather". How perfect is that? Francis, this would make my "something blue"...hint...

And now, back to our regular productivity (I hope).


Heidi said...

love the white dress with black sash!!! and that little umbrella clutch is adorable! Great finds!

Leila! said...

Heidi stole my comment! I so was going to comment on both those items. Great finds! Adorable.