Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June faves

June favorites will be a bit difficult because, let's face it, up to June 25th the only thing on my mind was wedding

1. Figs
One of the coolest parts about moving into Mildred? Having a fig tree right outside our back door. I was a hesitant about tasting them but once I took the plunge I discovered they taste somewhat like plums. Although they have the consistency of a peach. Funny story: the Sunday after I moved in (two days into married life) we get a knock on the door. It was a neighbor asking if it was alright to pick a few figs. I graciously said yes only to find the neighbor (and her friend) picking at our tree 15 minutes later with three grocery bags full of figs! 

2. Netflix
While I was living at Richmont I kept my Netflix subscription hopping. However, my inability to remember to walk the movie to the mailbox and consequently forgetting to pick up the mail on a consistent timeline had Netflix and I parting ways. Now that the mailbox is literally outside my front door, I look forward to coming home to movies, documentaries, shows and unlimited online streaming. All for $9 a month. Beat that Blockbuster.

3.  How I met your mother
My HIMYM craze had come and gone. The seasons had been sitting on my tv shelf for some time. Upon moving into Mildred they were soon rediscovered by Fran and I. As of right now we cannot get enough. It's like unwrapping a brand new show all over again! I must confess to being partial to the latter part of season 2. Marshall & Lily's wedding is unbelievably charming and sweet. 

4. Francis Giampietro
Hats off to my husband! As a newly minted bride (one week and two days) I could not ask for a more handsome, smart, fun, adventurous, thoughtful man to share my life with. Tomorrow we embark on our Irish adventure! Here's to getting lost together for the rest of our lives.


Becca said...

Adorably beautiful! I can't wait to try a fig at Mildred's!

I also love rediscovery.

Happy travels!

Leila! said...

So, I'm mad at myself because I use to watch How I Met Your Mother during the first season that it came out... but then I let it go. And Now I regret it! I wish I hadn't.
But I guess that means I can catch up by having marathon sessions. :)

Oh, and I love figs! Lucky!