Friday, July 16, 2010

Too cool for school.

That is Ireland summed up in a phrase. 

We'll be post-wedding bashing until the 21st but for now, here's a sneak peek at me double fisting Bailey's ice cream by the Cliffs of Moher. Ireland, I miss thee!


Becca said...

Post-wedding bashing? What doth that entail?

LOVE the pic. And LOVE the ice cream on THE COAST OF IRELAND!! EEEEE!!!!

I cannot wait for mas, mas, mas!

Oscar el Mexicano said...

Se ve riquisdima la nieve en contraste con tu vestimenta que es para el frio. Por cierto tus origines son Irlandeses con sangre Mexicana y nacida en Arabia, what a mess!

Welcome back!


Heidi said...

HORRAY! I'm so excited that you'll be home soon! I can't wait to see all your pictures and hear all your stories! Enjoy the last bit of your travels! We miss you!