Saturday, July 17, 2010

Joy! Joy! Joy!

With every new picture that is posted by a guest (or my dad) on facebook, I eagerly absorb any of the new details that may have been highlighted in that particular album. To say that the day you marry the person you're to share the rest of your life with goes by quickly is a mild way of describing a gaelstorm of emotions.

I tried to soak every moment of June 25th but the day was such a whirlwind that a billion wonderful things that many escape my memory. Thanks to Cimela Kidonakis and her four minute highlight reel I am able to relive the day in a blur of total bliss. I must confess to watching it now at least a dozen times. Each replay pops out a new reason to squeal with glee or sigh with happiness or realize just what a lucky gal I am to be surrounded with such loving people in my life.

There is no way any of what transpired that day would have been possible without having rock solid people to lean on and count on. So, thank you for making the most beautiful day in my life (and Fran's) come to life. In the meantime, you can bet your diddy that I'll be watching this over and over until the full-length DVD comes in. Or Clint sends word the pictures are ready!


Becca said...

That video is amazing!!! You guys are too cute and the wedding was such a fantastic party!

I, too, cannot wait for the pictures to come in. I am in LOVE with Clint.

Just gotta find a man to marry so I can take pictures. Because that's all that really matters...the pictures. Haha!

Ciao, bella!

Heidi said...

I LOVE the video. Its perfect and it was amazing to look back and see all the tiny details from your wonderful day. I watched it probably half a dozen times last night, and I loved catching different little snippets each time.

Please Clint, hurry with the pictures!

(please note that my blog has been revamped.)

Oscar el Mexicano said...

Beautiful video, no wonder the old saying that points out: "recordar es vivir" or "to remember is to live." I'm am very happy that you are very happy, so blessings, and love.