Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bucket list, of sorts.

When I was little I categorized anyone over the age of 25 as ancient. For example, by the time my dad was 27 he was married and had a 1 year old daughter. Even stranger still: when my mom was 27 she was pregnant with her third child! 

Little Dahnya couldn't know just what life was going to have in store for her. But, according to MASH and her novelas by 27 she was to be married and living her happily ever after. I am happy to provide the last two to my childhood self but, the mansion and the Porsche may be a long time coming (not to mention Mildred & Perlita are awesome).

Nonetheless, there are a few things I want to force myself to actively pursue so as to enjoy the brief time we are granted. I don't want to be turning 70 and regret letting life pass me by and so my top 10 things to do before I turn 30 was born:

1. Visit Italy
2. Run a marathon (this will be a true challenge)
3. Grow an herb garden (and keep it living) 
4. Pay off my credit card debt 
5. Revisit Miami & the Florida Keys
6. Go on a cruise (preferably through the Mediterranean) 
7. Take Fran to Mexico City 
8. Go to San Miguel de Allende 
9. Revisit Paris & buy this purse to replace my black saddle bag...(both are exclusive from one another, I just truly love the bag)
10. Rent a car & travel through southern France visiting wineries and lavender fields while eating cheese, baguettes and riz au lait

Time to get busy!

Idea courtesy of Miss B. Suter


Alexandra said...

I love #5!!! But after October, I won't be here to see you scratch that one off your list. ;(

Becca said...


Great list, D!!
Herb garden is definitely on my to-do list. And mine is a 1/2 marathon, haha.

Good luck on your list!!

Heidi said...

Sounds like a wonderful list! I can't wait to watch you cross every single one off!

Leila! said...

Dahnya! I love this stuff. Awesome list.
I'm definitely going to start one and borrow some of yours. :)