Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cheap date night

Budgeting. It sounds like a dirty word. 

Budgeting is not something I am extremely familiar with. In fact, I try to shy away from it altogether. It has been fairly difficult (Mildred calls to be accessorized). I am coming to terms with the reality of frugality and 41 days in, I must say it's not that bad. Fran and I keep looking for ways to entertain ourselves without turning to our wallets and Friday night was a clear winner. 

The CAMH hosted their season opening with a truck that was doling out asian tacos. I was a little skeptical about a peanut sauce chicken taco with salsa but the moment I bit in, it was absolute love. The best part? It was completely free (thanks to Fran's meets, my wine- and his beer- were on the house as well). 

People watching, mingling, art scoping and gourmet tacos? I wish we could spend every Friday just like this. 


Heidi said...

Yum! That sounds like so much fun, I love your creative ways of saving money and having a good time!

Our ideas of saving money and having fun involve buying a can of pasta sauce and a package of spaghetti.... and seeing how many dinners we can eat from it. (usually around 3 nights worth)

ah, the wild fun of budgeting.

Francis said...

Word! And people say artsy folk are snobs. Openings are always free and there is almost always free booze to be had! Worst that could happen is you see something lame (often the case but the show at the CAMH is pretty awesome right now).

P.S. Dahnya you forgot to include the evening closer. 75cent Raspados at Tampico Refreshceria on Main.

dahnya said...

Francis: tune in tomorrow for raspado night.

Becca said...

I want those tacos!!!

And the free alkey.

I'm on a budget now, too...teach me your wily ways!

Leila! said...

"peanut sauce chicken taco with salsa" --> THAT SOUNDS DELICIOUS!!!