Monday, August 9, 2010

Walking the Heights

Saturday presented a great opportunity to walk around the Heights thanks to White Linen Night. I'm still not entirely certain what it's about. All I know is that there was free St. Arnold's at every street corner, tons of live music, lots of white and plenty of neat stores to walk into and explore. The best part was the backers for the event created depots every few blocks so that shuttles could take you to and from different sections of the Heights.

The heat had me smelling (and looking) slightly less than pleasant but it was completely worth the new things that came across my way. 

I drive by this cleaner's shop every day and it wasn't until we walked by that I realized: they have their furry mascot beckoning you by their door. I'm a sucker for mascots- they have found a new client! 

Hello Lucky is the neatest little store. Crammed with a little bit of everything it is filled with beautiful, rich colors for your house, jewelry box & closet. It's going on my "must come back to" list.

My beacon for the day.

Sweet fruit for a sweet house & well, boys will be...boys.

Once we got down to 19th street, things really picked up...

. We were lucky enough to spot two local celebrities. Please pardon my poor paparazzi skills.

Thank you Heights for such an eclectically fun night. Until next year!


Heidi said...

It was such a fun night walking the streets of your new neighborhood with you! I love your pictures too, you captured everything perfectly! I was so sad to miss out on the Little Couple.... but thankful for your paparazzi pics!

Let me know when you're going to go check out those cute shops - I want to tag along!

Francis said...

Hello Lucky is also a hipster art gallery!

Oscar el Mexicano said...

The pet of the laundry place is scary! the fruit you took a picture of is a "granada" which I am not sure if translates into "granade" but it is very sour, and eaten in what the Aztecs used to cook, "chiles en nogada" another term difficult to translate.

Nice the pic of the Heights! looks like an old cinema's ad.

Fun pictures, congratulations.

Hugs, love.

Becca said...

You're such a great photographer, D! I love the pictures! It was truly fun and we must, must, must do it again next year.

Even with all the sweat it was still a good time.

Leila! said...

Thanks for this entry! I've always wondered what White Linen Night is about. I still don't quite get it -- but it's good to be let in on some of it!

Becca said...

I saw someone wearing a White Linen Night shirt at Canyon Creek Cafe yesterday! Fun, fun, fun!