Sunday, September 19, 2010

Billy Elliot

Why did no one warn me that the movie, Billy Elliot, would require a box of Kleenex?!

Amazing soundtrack.
Wonderful actor (Jamie Bell,  you have captured my heart). 
A story that pulls at your heart. 
The way the father gave up everything for his son reminded me of my dad...

As the end credits appeared, my tears refused to stop rolling down my face. Yup. It's that kind of movie. Total keeper. Thank you all! 


Becca said... only really cry at the end...and the rest is okay.

I completely forgot how hard I cry at the end...sorry I forgot to warn you!

But Jamie Bell is fabulous and the movie is wonderful and you can't but love every character in their own way.

So glad you enjoyed (minus the crying, though it's really a beautiful cry since it's such a moving ending).

Footloose won't make you cry, haha.

Heidi said...

sheesh, count me out! I cry way too easily!

Francis said...

Thank you ladies! I have been trying to get Dahnya to watch this for years now. It is one of my favorites.

Favorite moments:

Angry dance to "Town called Malice" by the Jam (horray for Mod revival!).

and brotherly to little to late bonding through the bus window. It's so beautifully tragic, gets me every time.

Emily said...

fran - i am totally with you - the angry dance is my favorite part. the soundtrack to billy elliot is amazing!

TempestBeauty said...

I LOVED this movie! And I love movies that make me cry :D