Saturday, September 18, 2010

Guilty pleasure #371

For the past few weeks I have had the Step Up DVD in the movie cabinet waiting to be watched. No one seemed to want to watch it with me and I didn't really want to watch it by myself. Finally, I caught Fran in a particularly good mood and corraled him into poking fun at the movie with me. 

Yes, it is extremely cheesy with awful dialogue, bad acting and choppy editing. On the other hand it is great dance moves with great beats and a happy ending. There's also a very sweet side story involving Channing Tatum with his younger foster siblings. 

If you would rather skip the entire movie (and not take my recommendation)- then take the four minutes to watch (and listen) to the musical finale. You will not be disappointed. 

Mr. Tatum, you have a new fan. Into my queue you go, sir. 

Any dance movie recommendations? Send them my way, please. I can't get enough! 


Emily said...

i love dance movies! besides the classic dirty dancing some of my favorites include .. center stage, save the dance, and girls just wanna have fun (featuring a vintage sarah jessica parker!) also, with your selena gomez reference (if you don't mind terrible dialog) i actually really like the abc family movie another cinderella story! it is really cute! don't judge me!

Becca said...

Billy Elliott!

Step Up 3D! I am super excited to see that one.

Classic, of course, is Footloose. It isn't so in your face with the dancing, but it's about how a small town has banned dancing and most genres of music. Early Kevin Bacon, HEYO!

Emily said...

oh my gosh, how could i forget about BILLY ELLIOTT!!?? as a former ballet dancer (and the clash fanatic!) i used to be OBSESSED with that movie!!

Dahnya said...

.Center Stage
.Save the Dance
.Cinderella Story (no judgement from me)
.Billy Elliot
.Step Up 3D

All are going into my queu, thanks girls!!