Friday, September 17, 2010

Mars, Venus.

The biggest difference between men and women? 

Example: I asked Fran to stop by the grocery store and pick up a tub of vanilla Blue Bell ice cream. 

Mind you, when I asked for a tub I meant a gallon not a pint. As Fran pointed out (after I held the little tub completely incredulous) I did not specify what kind in my text. This is why my husband's metabolism is incredibly resistant to sweets- they're non-existent in his world. So unfair. 


Becca said...

That's definitely a FranFail.

Emily said...

oh man, i totally understand! whenever i send Will grocery shopping he comes back with things a little "off." ie: whenever i ask for salsa/queso he brings back the extra spicy, forgetting that i am mrs. mild. oops! it's the thought that counts though!

Nicole said...

Jared and I have had the same experience recently! I said we needed milk for dinner, expecting at least a half gallon......he returned with what was practically a single serving of

Heidi said...

Boys just don't understand the importance of ice cream.

Just plain vanilla? were you going to mix something into it? I can't say I've ever craved vanilla on its own.

Dahnya said...

Brownie sundae Heidi!!!

Francis said...

I second your need to mix things with vanilla Heidi. It's garbage on it's own.

I would also like to point out that later that evening my lovely wifey stated that the I got exactly the right amount. So FranWin!