Monday, September 27, 2010

Buzz Fest 2010

Sam Houston Park hosted the inaugural 2010 Houston Wine Festival on Sunday. With bright blue skies, 88 degrees outside and a hint of a breeze, it made for a perfect day to enjoy the outdoors. With dozens of visiting vineyards vying for you to sample their wine, I must admit to finding the festival a bit of a blur...cheers!

The coveted tickets that would we could trade to sample the goods. 

Upon entering the park you received a goblet to take with you from booth to booth. Eco-friendly!

The crowd consisted of older couples, 30-something single ladies and ducks that were so ugly you couldn't help but love them. 

I fell in love with a sparkling sweet white wine. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of it after my fourth sample.

Vermicelli and Fran. 

Us, the Houston skyline and Missy Elliot playing in my head (hence the thug pose).

If you are curious about Fran's take on the event, please proceed to his extremely detailed narrative on the event...I promise, I did not know he was going to post this until I read his entry.


Becca said...

That's three people I know who went now...and I had no clue it was happening! I heart wine...

Next year...will put it on the calendar right now!

Emily said...

i wish i had known about this too! wine + outdoors + people watching = my kind of fun! :)

Heidi said...

Looks like a great afternoon, sorry to have missed it! :(

Oscar el Mexicano said...

Great pics, I like specially the one you zipping a glass of Chardeney, and the ugly duck.