Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet JW.

Say hello to JW, the owner of my heart. 

I have fallen head over heels for a 5 year old. When you have a charmer like this one who not only compliments your hair ("your hair is pretty"), your voice ("you sound like a pretty doll"), your dress ("your dress makes you look more beautifuler") and hugs you with absolute delight- what else is a girl to do?! We may have to help him amplify his vocabulary though. His future girlfriends may appreciate more than just the word "pretty".

Unfortunately for JW (and myself), he has a hard time sitting still and more often than not ends up in my office for a call home to mom. However, I am proud to report that today JW earned his "E" in conduct- allowing him the opportunity to enjoy recess. Hence the photo for my "Buzz Worthy Bees" wall. Keep it up JW! 

PS: It took four takes to get a semi-normal smile out of can see how successful the endeavor was. 


Oscar el Mexicano said...

Ya siento que lo quiero!



Becca said...

Heart him!!!

Want to eats, eats, eats him up!

Francis said...

Are you allowed to post photos of kids on the internet?

He is adorable though!