Friday, October 1, 2010

September faves

September, thank you for ending the month on a cool note. The addition of tights into my wardrobe has been extremely gratifying. In the meantime, the stand outs for the month...

Doesn't this Orla Kiely bag just make you want to hop scotch around the world?! I am in love. Forget the title "travel tote"- this beeping cutie would come with me everywhere. As for the dress: it's a B-square kind of dress: boots and a belt. Fall could not be any more stylish! Please stay here forever. 

Beaver's. Located five minutes from Mildred's, it has become my go-to locale. Not only is the food amazing (their mac n cheese, hello heaven)- the staff is hilarious and the outdoor patio is the perfect place after a rough day at work.

Missy Elliot Pandora station. I cannot get enough! It's on all day, every day.

High Fashion Home. Every Sunday morning in September, this was the place you were most likely to find me. I even made new friends with the fabric girl on floor 3. 

Costco (as always) you are amazing. For four bucks you can get a 16 pack of snack sized hummus. It's delicious and nutritious (right?). It's also perfect for munching on when you don't really have the time for a full length lunch. 

October, I cannot wait to see what you have in store! 


Emily said...
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Emily said...

oops! i accidentally deleted my comment!

i LOVE that orla kiely bag! i have been eying it for a long time! so chic! and i must confess: that dress is my latest anthro purchase. it so SO CUTE on! great favs. :)

Leila! said...

That bag is adorable!
And -- I love Beavers!! Their BBQ sandwich is sooo good. Man. Now I'm craving it!! Great choice!

Becca said...

1) Adorable purse and gorgeous dress!
2) Beaver's is glorious!!! I think I had the same sandwich as Leila and it was placed on the top of a pile of cole slaw!!! It was...heaven. On a plate. So dericious!
3) Missy Elliot? Really? Hmm...must give it a go. But not at work, since it's blocked, :/
4) Costco...reminds me of the Modern Family episode when Cameron and Mitchell go and he discovers how glorious it is. So funny.