Sunday, October 3, 2010


"noise produced when smacking one's lips" -Webster's

A girl's weekend includes shopping at the outlets, chocolate and romantic comedies. With Fran in DC, I indulged in all three when I really should have been working on the dining room makeover...

If you have not been to Seattle, Love Happens provides the most beautiful scenes of the city and fodder for ideas of what to do while there (ie: the gum wall, public market, Space Needle, the Troll, Bruce Lee's gravestone). Most importantly though, it was a sweet love story with Rachel Green in a worthy movie- if you attempted to watch the Bounty Hunter* you know exactly what I mean. One other thing? Be sure to have your tissues nearby. While nowhere near the vicinity of PS I Love You, it still turns on the water ducts. 

The soundtrack is also a keeper. Postal Sevice & Explosions in the Sky are just a few that I recognized and loved. 

*only redeeming value to that movie is Jen's character's house- absolutely the most beautifully decorated home I've seen on the small screen. 

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Emily said...

i'll have to check out this movie - i've never seen it! and i love a movie with a great soundtrack! :)