Friday, September 24, 2010

Paisley fever!

The DIY bug has invaded Mildred and looks to be here to stay. We've tackled most of the big things in the house (painting, the kitchen, bathroom, porch, studio) but the fun part is finally starting to take precedence: beautifying via accessories. 

The Beast (in the process of completion) was my first big project but, I'm about to embark on an even bigger one: reupholstering. 

Back when The Beast was purchased, the country style dining table came along with the uber deal. In its present state I am not the happiest of campers. It does its job (holding dinner, propping my laptop, tabling) but the countryesque theme is starting to grate. 

I made a trip to High Fashion Home this past weekend and struck the motherload of glorious (and affordable) fabric. I spent over an hour and a half alone browsing the spools (let's not even mention how long I gazed at the beautiful furniture). I was finally able to narrow it down to two choices:

Option A and B 

Both palettes are fairly similar. Fran feels there's too many pastels in Mildred- what'd he expect, she's a sweet old lady!- so I went down the coral path (my tint is fairly skewed on my phone's camera, sorry) to try and brighten things up for him. I am insanely in love with both combinations and completely torn as to where to put what. 

As of today Option A is slated for the headboard- with the paisley fabric being converted into a slipcover to go over the reading chair in the study. Option B will be alternated to fulfill my Monica Gellar inspired table (except mine will be a bit more uniform and it's a rectangular table as opposed to circular). 

I want to start it all now! But a few factors hold me back:

1. Time. Fran has forbidden me from beginning the project if I have no intention of completing it within a two day span. Since the Beast took a little over two weeks (um, let's not count the sanding part if not it's a little over a month), ye-little-faith here is not as supportive as he could be...Thanksgiving may be when I find myself seeking painters and refurbishers (I may have made that word up just now).

2. Skill. The chairs will require disassembly, painting and recovering. Gina, I thank you for the inspiration! Youtube/HGTV/Martha- you are to become my best friend. Let the learning begin! 

Stay tuned for the transformation. Just remember the revelation will be sometime in the near future. I hope...


Becca said...

I love it! Those fabrics are beautiful!!

Teach me how to DIY! I need to be prepared for my own future Heights house.

;-) Good luck and happy Friday!

Emily said...

beautiful! if you need a little elf to help you on your projects, i'd love to help! :)

TempestBeauty said...

Wow, I can't tell you how excited I am to see how they turn out! I love the colors of both.

I have a feeling, looking back, you will think this was a fun project :D

Heidi said...

the table is fantastic and its going to look even better with the new fabrics! you have a great eye, every time I come over Mildred looks better and better!