Thursday, September 23, 2010

A real wonder...

My BIL's birthday is right around the corner (October is birthday mania month in our family) and quite frankly, shopping for boys is hard work. Yes, I could go down the television series aisle and pick up a dozen of shows I know he'd love but, they seem so impersonal. Not to mention, when will he really have the time for them? I could get him clothes but, boys (at least those in my family) do not seem to truly appreciate additional items for their closet. 

And, I know what you're about to say but I'm going to go ahead and stop you. His brother (aka my husband) is useless when it comes to gift suggestions. Example: "uh...a birthday card isn't enough...?"- sigh. 

So, when I stopped into Paper Source this afternoon (I'm telling you, I'm obsessed!) and spotted this little tin can by the register I literally squealed with glee!

After all what boy does not love bacon?! If it's not the bacon bloody mary's at beaver's (no I'm not making this up- tastes like pizza), chocolate covered bacon, Barnaby's bacon burgers or just plain old bacon, the G boys go crazy. 

I just wonder, who the hell thought bacon could ever smell "sweet" let alone be tempting enough to wash yourself with...? But, then again. I'm the fool that bought it. I should probably wrap it now before the curiosity to smell it kills me and I tear into the wrapping! 

PS: I did find a more substantive gift other than the scent of pig. Matty G meet Joel McHale, comic genius. I really hope you don't secretly read my blog...everyone, shhh! please.

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Heidi said...

Great idea! All boys love bacon! (what is it really?)

I love the Papersource too, each time I go in there - I think of you!