Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Seeing as I am constantly on my feet walking from room to room, circling the cafeteria, chasing little boogers in the halls- my feet, I believe, deserve only the best. I have found that the cheaper the shoe, the more painful the experience: no matter how pretty it may be. That's you Forever XI and I hate to say it but, Target! 

Therefore, my mantra (made up as I walked the shoe aisles at DSW and attempted to justify my search): cost will not be a hindrance when it comes to comfort- within reason of course (Marc Jacobs, you need to shoot those prices lower please). When I came across this cute little number, I thought I was set for life (or at the very least, the rest of the school year):

they're so dainty, feminine and my favorite caramel brown! Upon trying them on (and walking around in them for a few minutes) I found them to pass the comfort test. What made the deal even sweeter was company, Ciao Bella, claimed that their shoes came with a "comfort system" to keep your feet in tip top shape all day. 

I wore them for the first time today and really put them through the wringer, I was literally on my feet all day today: K-5 behavior assemblies, vocabulary blitzes with the 5th graders and then for the true test: my beloved dismissal process. 

I have one word for Ciao Bella: ouch. Rather than comfort I found the backs of my poor feet rubbed raw and my pudgy little feet pulsed their indignation as the day wore on. It was all I could do to not yank them off and walk barefoot come 3 o'clock. Comfy/stylish shoes, show yourselves! As for Ciao Bella, shame on you.


Emily said...

even though target flats hurt a lot at first, they are the only ones that pass my "new york" test. they are the longest lasting, most comfortable (after broken in) flats for walking around manhattan. so if you can live through the first week (or so) of pain, you'll love them!

Heidi said...

whenever you win the lottery, I've heard that some Cole Han shoes have that Nike technology in them.

and they are (only) $300. ekk!! I'll start saving my pennies for you!