Monday, September 6, 2010

The Griswolds

Between school, work, traveling, boyfriends, girlfriends, cleaning, friends, life- my family & I had not taken the time to hang out outside of the house for some time. After finally being able to coordinate everyone's schedules (except for Fran's) we Sharpie'd in this Saturday to head out towards Brenham, TX to partake in a wee bit of Blue Bell ice cream! 

But, as is the way of my family, no one took the time to look up the factory's schedule because upon arriving we encountered...

Luckily, the actual shop was open and while being extremely disappointed that we couldn't see the behind the scenes we made the best of things by modeling, shopping and best of all, eating ice cream.

We all scream for ice cream!


Becca said...

Cute!! You guys are such a great little family!

Leila! said...

My mouth watered.
That would be a fun little trip! Great idea. I always forget about Blue Bell being around the corner from us.