Sunday, September 12, 2010

Newfound delight

In my family it is a tradition for the birthday boy (or gal) to choose anywhere they want to eat. It can be a special dish prepared by my mom, Olive Garden (shameful family favorite), chinese food (my dad only eats it once a year on my mom's birthday) or in this case my dad's 2010 choice: Five Guys.

The week leading up to the person's birthday is always one filled with anticipation- what will we get to eat?! Of all of us, my dad is the wild card. This is the man who will randomly decide to go chow down some steak at Fogo de Cho just as frequently as downing some Wendy's for lunch. You just don't know what he will pick. Last year it was Fudd Rucker's (downgrade). The year before that had been BJ's (upgrade). This year's choice had us all a little perplexed. We'd never heard of it until we were jampacked in the and he eagerly declared our destination. 

The announcement had all us buzzing with questions: where is it? What do they make? Is it any good? How big are the portions?! Can anyone guess who the last question came from...? The only two answers my dad provided were: hamburgers and President Obama. 


Apparently my dad has begun frequenting Five Guys thanks to CNN's broadcast of President Obama scarfing down a burger from Five Guys. Yes. I know you're curious- so were we. We promptly youtubed the clip en route (god bless the iPhone). 

After my phone made the rounds, the trepidation of the unknown was quickly replaced with the excitement of tasting Obama's burger joint of choice (even if it was for show, nay sayers). 

It is with the utmost certainty that I assure you Five Guys is on par with the best fast food burger I have tasted, In N Out. In fact, it may very well surpass it due to it's proximity versus the thousand plus miles of travel the other requires. See the pictures & judge for yourself! And then snag yourself an amazing lunch. 

Peanuts are provided for you to munch on as you wait for your order.

Who doesn't love potato geography?

Others creativity will forever astound (and amuse) me. Especially in unexpected places.

It's ten o'clock and my stomach is growling as I stare at my bacon cheeseburger with jalapenos, grilled mushrooms, lettuce and fries...

These are the faces of two extremely stuffed men. Those of you who know Fran (and his methodical eating) will be pleasantly shocked by the fact that he finished eating before everyone else (excluding my dad). It's one for the books.

Thank you Mr. President & Dad for bringing Five Guys into my life! 


Rox said...

Que hermosa narracion, me encanta empezar mi dia con curiosidad de leer que ha sucedido en tus actividades diarias :)
Esto es adictivo!!!

Becca said...

The fries are amazing!!

And apparently the fattiest fries in the field.

But delicious, fresh, fast burgers. No complaints here!