Monday, September 13, 2010


Between my love for cupcakes, pasta, chocolate and all things unhealthy: an intervention must be taken. 

Since the wedding I have probably gained 3-5 pounds (not too shabby). But Operation Scarlett is yet to take effect and the second item on my bucket list is impatiently awaiting registration. Therefore, drastic measures are to be taken. 

I have tried doing the miserable "jog to the can make it to the green car! the more lift..." chant many a time. There's no denying that this version sucks. It's masochism at its worst. Especially when you factor in Houston's heat and (my hair's worst enemy) the humidity. And that is where Couch to 5K comes into play. 

I came across this "walking, running, build strength" plan thanks to a friend on facebook (who I met as a fellow bride-to-be last summer in boot camp). Seeing as we were both the "slow joggers" in our camp, I trust her plan will work get my butt into gear. 

Anyone care to join me? Surfside is calling! 

PS: I know he's a beater and all but, lately I've had a hankering for some Chris Brown tunes. He makes for a great cleaning companion.


Emily said...

i'm definitely in the same post-wedding situation. i would join you .. but running scares me. i would have to power-walk it.

Michael said...

road running is a bore. have you tried trail running?

Dahnya said...

I haven't, Michael- is there any you recommend? My thing is that it's just easier to walk out my door and run then getting in my car and running.

Heidi said...

I'm definitely looking to you for inspiration! I need to get off my rump, I think a marathon sounds like an amazing goal.

Its so funny you're talking about running "to the crack, ok now the fire hydrant..." that exactly what I think when I run. But then I'm think "ah, my side hurts... oh, I must be forgetting to swallow.. should I spit? how far have I run? Will I look like Britney Spears after this?"