Thursday, June 10, 2010

Of bodacious bods

A few weeks ago I went to watch Iron Man 2 (skip it, the first one was better). Robert Downey is still witty, still a jerk and the explosions are mindless but the only thing (in my opinion) worth checking out is Scarlett Johansson. My jaw dropped everytime this woman came onto the screen. She has the quintessential hourglass figure for the 21st century: a great rack, tiny waist and amazing legs. 

I walked out of the movie with one thought and one thought only, "I want a body like that". I have stated this before and never really got anywhere but this time I am determined. I have found the discipline to cut back on the food that I truly do love and focus on what's good for my body. Now I must simply use that and apply it to exercising. Scarlett (you like how I'm on first name terms with her?) wrote an article for the Huffington Post disdaining the media and their exploitation of radical diets. But in it she has a few insights as to how she got to daring to wear skintight latex. 

I am printing and posting this article (along with her picture) on my fridge. The moment I get back from the honeymoon, I am begging Terry (Fran's personal trainer & friend extraordinaire) to help me achieve my goal. Leila, I am taking a page from your book and setting a six month goal so that come 2011, I will be walking the streets of Houston in latex. Figuratively speaking. 


Heidi said...

She does look smokin' hot! (as do you madam!)

I'll gladly trudge along with you to the gym whenever you want!

Leila! said...

Okay, so I loved this article!

Thank you for sharing this Dahnya. Scarlett is SOOO right. And you're picking a great celebrity to model yourself after.

Thanks for the inspiration! I needed this!

PS: Can't wait to see the latex.