Friday, October 15, 2010

aka: Hotwheels-Parra

One fall afternoon a little girl was picked up from school by her neighbor. The little girl fell asleep on her neighbor's bed anxious to hear the news that she had eagerly been awaiting for the past few months. Late that night, she was gently shaken and told that the little brother she had been waiting for had finally arrived! There was no going back to sleep after that- she just wanted to go meet her little brother. 

The next day passed by in a slow blur, until her dad came to pick her up from school so she could finally introduce herself to the new little man in the family. The day was bright and cheerful, as if it too knew just how special this moment was to be. As the elevator rode up to the fourth floor, the girl bounced up and down with excitement. Upon entering the room, she saw her mom with a small bundle in her arms and ran to see the little person she'd been waiting to meet for so long. One look at the scrunchy, pink face and Cupid's arrow struck... 

Oskie Boskie, you are number one in my book (even if you are overly obsessed with cars, at least your mac & cheese is out of this world)! May your new decade be one filled with joy, love and success- you deserve only the best.

Big D

PS: "quien es ese que anda ahi...?" cutest baby ever! 


Rox said...

Snifff Snifff
Que hermoso escribes y describes las cosas. Volvi a vivir ese momento y podia sentir y ver tu carita llena de emocion como hace 20 aƱos :)
Desde que tu hermano nacio, ese cupido que te flecho aparte de con mucho amor hacia el, los flecho con complicidad y eso me encanta en ustedes 3
Te Quiero Mucho

Dahnya said...

Nada mas no agregue que feito estaba a un dia de nacido... :)

Rox said...

Te prometo que cuando lei la narracion, si pense
"hmmm le falto decir sus primeras palabras al entrar brincando de emocion y ver a su hermano" jajajajaja

Oscar el Mexicano said...

How beautiful words! Did my siblings think the same thing about me? I doubt it, this is pure love.

Happy birthday to both.

Hugs, love