Sunday, October 17, 2010

Frugal Framing

One of the hardest part of accessorizing Mildred has been finding items to decorate her walls with. Frugal mastermind that is Heidi Mitchell provided me with this beautiful paper a few weeks back:

She suggested using the paper and framing it as decor. Fran and I had received a pair of frames for the wedding that I had yet to use so, when the idea was suggested I immediately decided to put both gifts to good use. 

A hard surface and a razor sharp exacto knife will turn into...

(it seems like Mildred's floor may be crooked). 

The frames are currently resting on our desk waiting to be hung. But this week I am on a mission to find a way to frame our $4.95 map (repeat with me, Paper Source) so it can go up in our study:

Any suggestions where to start? I hit up Goodwill and a few of the Salvation Army stores earlier this week in the hopes that I would find something to frame it under the ten dollar range but, no luck. Either way, I'm excited to see it go up (even if it's clear tape while it's in limbo)!


Heidi said...

They look great framed! I seriously am in love with this idea of framing gift wrap, so cheap yet so pretty! I'm going to keep checking Paper source to see if they bring anything new in!

Heidi said...

I bought this one for myself.. can't wait to frame it!

Dahnya said...

I saw it Heidi! I instantly recognized it as the one you had mentioned it. I'm glad you did, too...if not it would have been a copycat move for sure!! :)

They have so many beautiful options. I really liked this one:

but it didn't fit in with anything at the house.

I'm tempted to get this one, though to match the rh typewriters!

Becca said...

Hobby Lobby will have sales quite often on their frames, 50% off. They are not the best frames in the world, but they certainly get the job done well at a low cost!