Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flashing lights

Has anyone else ever experienced this: I was calmly washing dishes in the kitchen when all of a sudden I look up to see the bright lights of a cop car directly in front of Mildred. 

My first thought, "duck! drug raid!"- our neighbors are pretty sketchy. 
My second thought, "crap, I should have gotten the temporary plates switched out this weekend"- Perlita is still sporting paper plates. 
My third thought, "hmm...I should take a picture of whatever is happening" (you never know when it may come in handy, even if it's destined to end up on the blog). 

Yes, I have become that neighbor- the one who peeks through the blinds to see what is going on (minus the flowered mumu). I even went a step further by conveniently taking out the trash. The poor guy driving a navy Chevy Silverado was forlonly staring at his wheel as the officer pulled his stats from within the cruiser. 

I appreciate the fact that HPD is patrolling Mildred's streets- were Fran and I ever to get a puppy, I'd like to know he (or she) would be safe while sniffing the yard. 

PS: The flashing lights immediately brought Kanye to mind. Love it! 


Becca said...

On the note of flowered muumuu's, have you heard about this website?


365 Days, $365, 365 outfits. It's amazing!!! Very inspirational.

Emily said...

it's okay, will has called the bellaire cops on teenagers being "loud" on the street. yes, we are THAT neighbor, haha.

ps - i love that kanye song!

Leila! said...

I see lights all the time. I live in Alief (translation: ghettoooo).
I can't believe you took out the trash! Bold move. I would have held my post at the window!

Francis said...
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Francis said...

Are neighbors are not sketchy! Okay well maybe Henry's roommate who I am pretty sure is a transvestite and who disappears for days on end. But who are we to judge maybe he works on an off shore rig for weeks at a time and the heels help you overcome sea legs.

Darla said...

uhhh, dahnya. love your posts and photography. you're such a joy!!

Heidi said...

Haha, you ARE that neighbor! No worries, you know we're all like that! Thanks for giving us an insight to your detective work... great job Sherlock!

Oscar el Mexicano said...

Hillarious to see Fran's comment a tranvestite, hahahaha. I can almost see your one eye glancing through the blinds and your mind running 100 MPH.

There are hundreds of reasons as why there were patrol cars and an ambulance, how about a 911 call with a sick man / woman? someone fell off the chair when he / she read bad news about the stock market?

We should've just walk in and as the right questions to one of the police officers, leaving no room for more speculation!