Sunday, November 21, 2010

All that jazz!

I wanted to share (with permission from the beautiful bride) one of the most amazing wedding highlight reels I have seen (and you know I've seen a vast amount with my wedding blog obsession). The people who put together this highlight reel captured Lindsey and Cade's sparkle with polish, sophistication and elegance: summing up one of the coolest, most sincere, generous couples I know. 

But, enough of the accolades! Watch and enjoy

PS: Cool tidbit? Mr. Conlon was the mastermind behind Fran and I's wedding cake. And thanks to Lindsey's painstaking hunt, the last minute flower addition added the right amount of whimsy. I love you two! 

1 comment:

Emily said...

oh my god. that video was beautiful! i am in tears like it's my own wedding day again! thank you for sharing!

ps - i LOVE that song by florence and the machine! what a perfect choice!