Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Token of appreciation, tamale edition.

The other day after tutorials I found myself with the Mateo boys (yes, that's their last name). Tutorials are over at four thirty on the dot. For whatever reason, mom was not outside whenever I herded my sweet flock to the front of the building. Thirty minutes later, she still had not shown up and we had already attempted to call twice. No answer.

Realizing time was wasting and I could be preparing things for the next school day, I corralled the two boys and headed back into the classroom to wait. As I piddled around the room, the boys entertained themselves sharpening pencils and poring through our favorite hero's books: Captain Underpants. By the time I finished, I realized it was six o'clock and mom was still a no show. Cue the, "w.t.f." face and reaction. 

Alright, so plan B (or C?) was to call mom one more time to see if perhaps Perlita and I could deliver the boys. Luckily mom picked up and the plan was a success. After bundling ourselves up and the usual, "don't forget your jackets!" the three of us walked the dark (and I mean dark) halls of our empty school. We loaded ourselves in the car, Pedro found us some good old Daddy Yankee on the radio and off we went. 

Five minutes later, I pull up in front of their home. Mom comes out and as the boys say their good byes, she pushes a bundle onto my lap. At first I politely decline but with her insisting and me getting a scent of the what was in the bag- I quickly shut up and utter sincere appreciation for whatever homemade treasure she has just handed me. 

Driving back to Mildred, I whip out my phone to let Fran know to ixnay our dinner menu because thanks to an awesome mama we are in for tamales! As well as a wedge of fresh cheese and an awesome bottle of grapefruit soda. 

And yes, they were delicious. With a dinner like this, I will drop off the Mateo boys any day of the week!


Leila! said...

Awwww.... that's so thoughtful!

Heidi said...

yum, those look so good! Those boys can stay late whenever they want!

Becca said...

I love being thanked with food!

That happened when I worked VITA (a tax program in North Houston) and it was some of the best food ever.