Monday, December 20, 2010

Bruges, nostalgia

The summer of 2008 was a huge one in the Garcia family. After a lifetime of dreaming, we all flew across the Atlantic to visit Belgium, France and England. It was completely unforgettable, filled with tons of misadventures and memories that will carry us until our next trip (it was that amazing). 

Of the three countries, our hands down favorite was Belgium. For starters, it was the first stop on our journey and Bruges was the first city we eagerly explored together. Therefore, when my mom spotted a movie titled, In Bruges she snatched it up without bothering to read the plot or reviews. 

The DVD stood on my family's shelf for months before we finally took the time to watch it. Watching the movie brought back a rush of memories:the gazebo we horsed around in was featured! The playground we played in at 8 in the morning was featured! The plaza we ate gross hot dogs was featured! Needless to say, we were so excited to spot many of the landmarks we came to love over and over in the movie.

The best part? In Bruges was great. Not because of the nostalgia I attached to it either. It's a smart, black comedy that is sure to have you chuckling in the midst of your gasps of horror. Really. 

PS: NYC dream, thanks!


Oscar el Mexicano said...

It was a great trip, with lifetime memories, amazing! How about Australia for a change?

Hugs, love

Dahnya said...

Sounds like a plan, mate! Er...Dad!

Becca said...

In Bruges is a great movie!! Colin Farrell won a Golden Globe for that work!

And, for the HP super fans out there, his buddy was Professor "Mad-Eye" Moody in the movies, i.e. Brendan Gleeson.


Matt Giampietro said...

Martin McDonagh is a fantastic writer, even better playwright.