Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reupholstered revolution!

It took a little over two hours, lots of muscle, ingenuity, patience and LCD but Fran and I finally reupholstered our dining room table.

Step 1: we began by watching a youtube video how-to. It didn't really tell us much that we didn't already figure but, it was a good warm up.

Step 2: unscrew screws from the bottom of the chairs.

Step 3: pry out the staples from the ugly old material (this was the worst and most painful step)

Step 4: iron out any wrinkles from fabric (especially if it's been in a closet for the better part of four months)

Step 4: use the old material as your fabric template and cut

Step 5: place chair bottom, fold, staple 

Step 6: screw chair bottom back on

Step 7: sit back and relax!

The last three chairs are a lot better than the first three chairs. But, then again, practice does make perfect. Onto the next project! 


TempestBeauty said...

Ahh! They look fantastic! Well done guys :D

Emily said...

yay! they look great!

Oscar el Mexicano said...

My respects! I've would have probably said: Esta madr....ya no sirve!

Love, hugs.

Darla said...

very cool! i reupholstered connor's chairs a while back, and it made a HUGE difference in the room. it adds warmth and character.

love how your project turned out, dahnya! so welcoming and lovely like the two of you!

Becca said...

They look fabulous!!! I cannot wait to see in person!

Francis said...

Doess "LCD" refer to the LCD Sound system Pandora station we were listening too?

Dahnya said...

Oops. Yes. LCD Sound system!