Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar eclipse bandit

I should probably preface this all by explaining that for the past few days, Fran and I have been hearing noises late at night coming from underneath the house. My go-to answer is the ghost of Mildred wandering about. Fran's is that people are trying to steal either our pipes or our water. Last night we got our answer and surprise, surprise: both of us were totally off base. 

In anticipation of the lunar eclipse, we kept ourselves plied with wine and up with HIMYM episodes. Come midnight, we stepped out to an empty street and clouded sky. We waited.

And waited.

But saw nothing unsual in the sky. Thanks to the fog, the clouds and the fates conspiring against us, we were not able to partake in the viewing of the rare phenomenon. 

However, thanks to the lunar eclipse we did catch the noise maker. No, he was not a ghost. No, he was not a pipe thief. He was just a little possum. 

Say hello to our little friend!


Until then, here's to the 2014 lunar eclipse...


Oscar el Mexicano said...

Lucky animal, free rent, and now having you as her protector! Unfortunately, the moon was eclipsed by the clouds

Hugs, love.

Emily said...

a possum!!

Leila! said...

(1) Possums freak me out.
(2) I love, love, love HIMYM.
(3) I wanted to see the lunar eclipse too. Bummer.

Heidi said...

aw, the possum looks cute! Mildred is making new friends!