Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tails from Room 196

This week we are reading the story, Dear Mrs. LaRue. It tells the tale of a spoiled dog and his owner's attempt to reform him by shipping Ike (the dog) to obedience school. To try and get the kids hyped about the book, I asked them to bring a stuffed dog to school to read the story with their "friend". Here is the result:

FYI, the dog had a John Cena shirt on (to protect him from the cold, of course) and when I offered Rafa the choice to leave his dog at school, in all seriousness he responded, "but then who would I sleep with?" 

If he hadn't already won me over when he revealed his love (and talent!) for salsa dancing, his following of the story with his doggy's paw would have sealed the deal...

Doggedly yours, 


Oscar el Mexicano said...

Great story! Nice kid with a nice answer! "who would I be sleeping with"? hahaha. My respects.

So, is he bringing the doggie again?

Hugs, love.

Becca said...

I want to take him home!! Adorable and oh, so sweet!