Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This little piggy...

went to Crave. Why pig out (again)? I was literally craving a cupcake. I also happened to receive an email announcing their limited edition holiday flavors: eggnog and gingerbread. 

With the exception of the candied little man, the gingerbread was amazing! I wish I had ordered two of these. If you have a chance, they will only be around until December 21st. If nothing else, I am happy to say that they are on par with the pumpkin Sprinkles (but, this one is a teeny bit better).

The pretty berry arrangement (and curiosity) definitely drew me in, which was a mistake because I don't even like regular eggnog. Why I thought the cake version would be any better is something I am questioning myself.  Vanilla with a dash of...bitterness is really the only way I can describe them. Definitely skipping these when I go back for round 2 of Mr. Gingerbread*.

*Disclaimer, I only ate half of each. Thank goodness I have a husband who is willing to somewhat pig out with me (he hates icing, weirdo). 


Emily said...

i must try the gingerbread one! love the little fondant gingerbread man!

Leila! said...

I will be all over this.
Must go this week.

Becca said...

Who hates icing???? Weirdo!!!