Monday, December 13, 2010

Time capsule.

Casa Bimbo has been in an upheaval for the past month and a half. My mom's obsession with HGTV finally took root and created a whirlwind of makeovers that include new furniture, new floors, new lay outs and a massive cleaning of stuff (and when I say "stuff", I really mean crap that has accumulated in a span of 25 years). In the midst of the Casa Bimbo renewal, Osk's 3rd grade (maybe even 2nd grade) Pringles' can time capsule appeared. 

Keep in mind, it was meant to be opened in the year 2000 (cue Conan's singing) and Oscar, being a truly mule headed child, refused to reveal what was inside the can until the following year. 12 years later we open it up only to find:

  • two dusty paint brushes (??)
  • a wad of gum (?!#)
  • a stapled mini bio of him
It was awesome

Please note the discoloring of Oscar's favorite color of the time, "cerlean" (we think he meant, cerulean- which could only mean he was spoiled by my parents and had a 64 pack of Crayola crayons at school). 

Two things that stuck out: the Christmas colored house we had in Miami (somewhat true) and he's quite brown (so true and so hilariously racially a propos). 

His up close family portrait. My favorite? The bird, Pikachu and Bimbo (lower right corner, next to teeny Oscar). 

Thanks to his biography we also learned that back in 3rd grade, Oscar believed he would be a famous actor by now and that if he had three wishes one of them would be used to make Pokemon into actual animate objects. 

The discovery of this time capsule has transformed our vision for the countdown to 2011. 

Seeing as we will be on the road back from Hogwarts on the actual eve of the new year, Christmas Eve we will all sit down to create our own time capsule to open up in 5 years. I cannot wait to see how this all unfolds and what will actually go into it all but...stay tuned. I'm sure Pokemon will not be a part of this night. Or so I hope.


Leila! said...

Wad of gum!!
I love this idea Dahnya!

Becca said...

How fun and exciting that you're going to do this, too! Makes me want to do the same...