Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tight pants?


They would be caused by my incessant need for all things CUPCAKES. Latest batch? The banana cupcake from Celebrity. Obviously the tiny heart had me bypass all other cupcakes (including a beautifully decorated chocalate truffle with reindeer). 

Conclusion? Delightful and worth a trip down to Rice Village. You get the best of everything:
  1. Outdoors? Check.
  2. Holiday shopping? Check.
  3. Thirst quencher at the Gingerbread Man (and husband re-booster)? Check.
I am proud to say my holiday shopping is officially done. I am simply awaiting the final shipments to wrap, seal and deliver! 


Emily said...

your cupcake posts are making me so hungry!

Francis said...

We didn't go to the ginger man.

Dahnya said...

You were given the option and you said no!