Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cedar Creek.

The other day Fran and I stumbled across a neat restaurant, Cedar Creek Cafe. If you've been to Onion Creek or Dry Creek (both favorites of ours) than you will surely fit right into the niche the owners are gunning for. It was a great mix of young couples, families and singles- not many places you can go to that have such an equal pairing of that.

I'm sure the place has been around long enough to develop a following but if you haven't been to it yet, you must! 

Due to our ravenous hunger Fran and I ordered fried pickles, round and thoroughly fried- they offer ranch as well as honey mustard for dipping. The main fare were quesadillas: the carnitas (Fran's pick) originally threw me off (it had pineapple bits in the mix) but his dish ended up beating mine. The salsa verde fajita quesadilla which was delectable but could not beat the sweetness of the carnita quesadilla. 

Thinking of the meal has my mouth watering and eager to go back. Who's down?!


Leila! said...

Thanks Dahnya!!

Oscar el Mexicano said...

The food sounds tex-mex at its best, carnita quesadilla is a bad imitation of our tacos of carnitas with onion, avocado, and salsa! nothing beats those magnificent mouth-watering taconazos!

Hugs, love

Francis said...

The quesadilla's weren't that great. They would have been awesome if they weren't soaked through in cooking oil.

Danielle said...

More than the sour patch kids, for the first time in years I am in love with those sour punch straws!! The restaraunt sounds awesome, my school is actually doing something there on Friday where part of their sales will go to our school's band.

Becca said...

I love the ambiance of that place!! It has the coolest outdoor setting in town.