Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project: resolution!

Tardy by three weeks, my 2011 resolutions have been set (as has my mind and motivation):

1. Cross off at least one item on my bucket list
2. Order Fran & I's wedding album before our first year anniversary (so simple yet, so expensive)
3. Thanks to Doakes and Miss Heidi B., I am adopting a healthier lifestyle- daily exercise, daily meal preparation. This means, less eating out and more prepping earlier in the week for lunch and dinner. 

In an attempt to measure the progress of resolution number three please examine specimen a:

An anthro rarity ($19 find!) this lovely dress has been gracing my closet for the past few months longing to be worn. Unfortunately it is literally bursting at the seams anytime I attempt to zip it up. I would like to wear it come the spring and it will only happen when resolution three shapes up. 

Come March, this dress will finally bid the hanger adieu!

PS: Does anyone know of someone looking to be rid (or lend) P90X? I would happily rent it!


Becca said...

Great resolutions, D!

A great trick I have for my lunches is to make chili or chicken spaghetti and freeze it in small containers...just the right size for a meal. :-)

Emily said...

what a great motivation! i love that anthro dress! i recall trying it on but decided to wait for the sale (when there was none left in my size...)

Leila! said...

Okay, you've inspired me.
I'm going to use this method... find a beautiful dress that I want to fit into and get to working on making sure I fit into it.