Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hoofin' it

5 o'clock on a Wednesday afternoon you will usually find me patiently sitting on a bench waiting for tardy parents to pick up their children from tutorials. This day was a bit different in that JV and I were discussing the pros and cons about our potential end of the school year field trip (It'z, which we both vetoed). When all of a sudden I cut him off mid-sentence. 

In the middle of Acres Homes were three horses galloping through the narrow street and headed straight to our school! It was too late for me to run and attempt to shut the gate. I was not about to herd them out (potential headline: teacher hoofed in the ghetto). There were only two things I could think of: one call animal control. Two, take a picture. So, I chose the latter:

The look on JV's face says it all.

And that, my friends, is just a regular day at Highland Heights. Only twelve more days until spring break. Mildred will finally be clean and orderly! Or so I keep telling myself.


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What!! Why?! Where were they coming from??