Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's been over a month since Doakes came into Mildred. I could count on one hand his doggie tantrums (ie: peeing inside, chomping on furniture, etc). Due to his temperament and the fact that Fran & I feel guilty about leaving him cooped up for 6 hours each day when we go to work/school we've allowed him to roam uncaged in the evenings if we step out for an hour or two. 

Unfortunately, the other night while walking by the kitchen window, I looked in and gasped. Whatever had come into his jaws had to be totally annihilated. 

All my cookbooks? Gone. 

Nothing to do but put him in the corner of shame, it's hard to discipline such a cutie.

Looks like I'm updating my kitchen library, folks. Any suggestions?


Emily said...

I only have 1 cookbook [a gift from my MIL]. I tend to just search random stuff on the internet but I really like this one. The recipes aren't too complicated, plus there's an AMAZING recipe for pimiento mac & cheese. [See the photos from my birthday to awe at it's amazingness]

Oscar el Mexicano said...

I have a cookbook written in a stone!